Takht-e-Tavoos, the best Persian / Iranian brunch place in Toronto

If you are looking to have a traditional Persian / Iranian dish, you’d better head to Takht-e-Tavoos. This restaurant is open only till 3 pm, so you’d better hurry up. There is usually a line up if you get there around 10AM. I do recommend this restaurant if you are looking for a brunch place and you are OK to eat meat. You won’t find good vegetarian option there.
Let me tell you about the service, the service was OK. It wasn’t great, we were waiting there for 20 minutes although there was an empty seat (No one was paying attention to us or cleaning the seats).
The order was in a timely manner, it takes them some time to come and ask us what we want. I guess since not many people are familiar with their menu, they give you extra time. We didn’t need that. (We weren’t offered a menu even when waiting for the table, to fasten up the process).
We have ordered Dizi and Kaleh Pacheh.
The dizi was delicious. You can see in the picture that they were serving stew alongside it. I prefer myself to extract the stew from the meat – stew combination. I guess that was hard for everyone to do, so they decided to separate them before serving it.
Kaleh Pacheh
I am not a big fan of Kalen and Pacheh. However, it smelt delicious. Again these are all meat products, so if you are not planning to have meat, don’t bother visiting this restaurant.


The price was not bad either. In general, it was a nice food, nice interior design, the service could be better and the location is so far away from down town core. It is worth going when there is no line up. 

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