Guu Toronto, a nice place to be shouted at, Japanese Style!

It is within their culture, to be loud and cheerful. You won’t miss that part of the culture, the moment you walk in, you will be shouted at and the moment you exit. They will hi and bye you very openly. They also talk to each other loud, so if you are looking for a place to relax and chill out, don’t bother going there unless you are deaf.

Light Decorations

The food is made to be entertained and enjoyed, but not huge portions to make you feel full. The food is an art prepared for you and put in front of you. You may choose to eat it or let it go bad and eat something that is filling you. We decided to eat and enjoyed the taste as well as the art.

Slightly cooked meet

If you get a chance to sit at the bar, you can see how the food is being prepared. You can see that there are lots of health concerns not being noticed. For example you can see not proper washing of hands after touching raw meet / fish or sharing the same knife that cut the raw meet to cut other stuff you will eat.

Bar View

The staff is friendly but they might lack English / French language incompetent. I was trying to ask what happened to my order and the waitress was putting a new order in for me instead.


The oysters were really good, you have to try them. If it was my second time visiting, I would go all in on Oysters.

Also there is no back support for your seats, so you have to sit with no back support for the whole rest of your visit. This is true for all seats and not only the ones at the bar.

The calamari was fine, it was different from what I was expecting. It did have a little batter on it. The taste was ok but I was expecting more texture.


Address: 398 Church Street Toronto, O.N. M5B 2A2
TEL: 416-977-0999

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