Khao San Road – Is it the best Thai restaurant in Toronto?

Khao San Road is known as the best Thai place in Toronto. The food was good, nothing to blame. However, when you are expecting the best Thai in Toronto, you would expect more.

The service is not great. On their menu they mentioned they won’t take back the ordered meal if it is too hot for you. I have asked my dish not to be spicy. However, it was a little bit spicy and the waitress (apparently it was the manager there), told me that they served what I have ordered and this is a typical Thai dish. You should have expected spice in it!

The place is usually crowded and you are not allowed to wait inside.

We ordered Khao Soi, their signature dish. It wasn’t anything special about it. It felt heavy.

Squash fritter
Khao Soi
Khao Soi + Squash fritter

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