Aeroplan Conversion Rate to Canadian Dollar – 0.83 to 2.5 CPP

How much do each Aeroplan points are worth? It is not an easy question to answer. The Aeroplan has gone through many changes, and the value of the points has changed.

Aeroplan is a coalition loyalty program owned by Air Canada, Canada’s flag carrier. The Aeroplan program was created in July 1984 by Air Canada as an incentive program for its frequent flyer customers. In 2002 it was spun off as a separate corporate entity and eventually sold to Aimia. More to learn.

In Short:

  • Dollar value of 1 point ~ 0.0083$ to 0.025$ 
    • CPP1 for Aeroplan (2.5 to 0.83)
  • Points Best Used For: Travel
  • Easier To Accumulate: Many Partners Offering Aeroplan
  • Biggest Travel Partner Network

The main point of having Aeroplan points is to use them for flights, and not cash them out. However, sometimes you need to do or they do expire. Let’s look at their conversation rates of them.

CPP for Aeroplan (2.5 to 0.83) – Summary – Travel & Gift Cards

  • Best Case: Travel 2.5 CPP 
    • This obviously are dependant of the flight, class and timing of it, however for a economy flight on average you can get 2.5 CPP.
  • Middle Case: (Promotional Gift Card) – CPP 
    • The typical value for the gift card CPP is 0.83 or lower. However, sometimes you would get promotions that make the CPP better, for example Air Canada gift cards, duh!
  • Worst Case: (Gift Card) – 0.83 CPP 
    • The typical CPP for gift cards are 0.83. 

Aeroplan Conversion Rate Detail Analysis – Gift Cards

The cheapest gift card that you can find on Aeroplan to cash out your points is 5000 miles for 50 Canadian Dollars (CAD). However, the norm is 7000 points for every 50 dollars if you want to have options.

However, if you find 5 of 5000 points to accumulate in your account, which gives you 25000 points, it enables you to book flights within North America from many destinations in Canada and the US. The timing of the flights might not be best for the 25000 points. However, if you are planning to book a last minute ticket, or you don’t care about the number of connections or the points are expiring, this could be the best option out there.

The advantages of Aeroplan is that it is part of a bigger network of a points system, Star Alliance. So if Air Canada is not flying to the destination you would like to visit, there are chances that another Star Alliance member is flying out there and you can piggyback on them. 

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