Scaramouche in Toronto, a French social restaurant with good food and nice views of downtown

Scaramouche lies in the corner of a residential building. So unless you know about it, you won’t be able to spot it on your own. The interior of the restaurant was nice, the decorations were exquisite but a little dark, very little. If you get a chance you can sit next to the window which has the view of downtown.

The food there, as you expect, are great. The steak that I had was one of the top 5 steaks I had in my life. However, the choices are limited. If you are looking for a steak house don’t go there. The decoration of the plates are nice as well. There is no such a quiet or romantic place but more of a social restaurant. So if you want to enjoy a quiet time, don’t expect much of Scaramouche.

The parking is Valet, and of course you are expected to tip for it. There is no minimum and no maximum either!

You can find some of the plates that we enjoy. The lamb was OK and not great. The Tuna was very nice, melts in the mouth and even mouth watering for a person like me that don’t like seafood that much.

They also served us a refresher before our main course which was a combination of watermelon and other juicy fruits, very refreshing.

Yellowfin Tuna Sashimi
Lobster Salad
Filet Mignon
Coconut Cream Pie

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